Monday, August 31, 2009

Paiyya releasing date ?

After Karthi’s “Paruthiveeran”, everyone is expecting to see his next film. He is acting in “Aayirathil Oruvan” and “Paiyya”. “Aayirathil Oruvan” is directed by Selvaraghavan and Paiyya’s Director is Lingusamy.

According to sources Selvaraghavan is still busy with his post production works and it will some more time to release the movie “Aayirathil Oruvan”. But Lingusamy has finished and Paiyya will be released shortly before “Aayirathil Oruvan”.

Kamal as Icon to be challenged

According to Kamalhassan in every field of life, there are so many individual personalities often compared with someone else on their output of work, execution, par excellence etc. This is everybody’s quality and nature by itself. When there is no comparison people generally won’t bother to grow greater heights. Kamal staunch admirer of Naseernddin Shah’s acting which always raise Kamal’s eyebrows that enhances his crave towards acting with perfection.

Kamal’s next film “Unnaipol Oruvan” with ace actor Mohanlal in the offing. About Mohanlal’s performance Kamal says he always outsmart others which he would try to repeat to him. Both actors are good friends and appreciate each other and when there is positive race among the actors there is no room for ill feeling to evacuate others from the field.

Super Bikes

Generally road users these days prefer to fast moving vehicles like motor bikes, cars and also bigger four wheelers. Even the fascination for these motorized transport system, the interest towards bicycling seems to be not yet over.
As there is no likelihood of descending interest for cycling in the near future here is a chance to visit the site ShopWiki to choose between varieties of bicycles that have been thrown for the takers. These are the classification for road bikes, Mountain bikes, comfort bikes and kids, etc.

The Road Bikes are very nice for going long distance with easy riding but of course costly but worth investing for its velocity enabled by its silky tyres.

For people looking for different type of riding they opt for mountain bikes. Some of the road bikes we have are as follows Air borne, Bianchi, Giant, Scott etc. These Mountain Bikes are of various colors with big tyres to overcome the strain while going up the hills. In spite of less weight this bike is capable of withstanding load. The spring provided with this cycle takes care of all the hump and crown it has to face while pedaling.

The other general bike, people would like to own are Comfort Bikes. As the name itself suggest comfort it proves by it. In this bike, the handlebars protrude straight towards the rider so that he can sit in a normal posture instead of crouching. For older people this suits very much because of wider seats for comfortable sitting and manufacturers have also used simple assembly. At last here we go to select our options from this site.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Radhika’s new T.V. Serial "Chellama"

Radhika’s “Arasi” serial is going very interesting and fast and the last episode will be telecasted on September 11th. Now she is busy with her new T.V. Serial. The next serial tile is “Chellama”. This is also to be telecasted in the SUN T.V. and the same timings 9.30 to 10 p.m.

The new serial will be directed by Jawahar and produced by Radan. The script is written by Pon Kumaran. Radhika will play the main role and her brother Radha Ravi is going to act an important role in the serial. The music for the serial will be done by Dheena. Vasu Vikram, Delhi Ganesh and Ravikumar are the other important artists. The script for the serial based on the story of friendship and love.

If you want to know the story of the serial Chellama, read this post also.

Shriya in International Film Festival

Shriya is the happy person who was invited to attend the International Film Festival at Toronto. On September 10th, in the Toronto International Film Festival is going to begin. In the prestigious Film Festival “What’s Cooking with Stella?” film will be showcased to the International audience. In the film, actress Shriya Saran did a prominent role. She has been invited for the Festival to walk on the Red Carpet.

Shriya was excited to hear this honor and she will mingle with the famous celebrities of Hollywood. Now she is discussing with her costume designer to what to wear for the event. She is having a desire to wear Sari for this function to reflect Indian Tradition.

Television the best entertainment

Hi friends, everybody knows that television was invented way back in the year 1927 by John Baird and from then on people’s main entertainment has become T.V. The growth of television is mainly because of the entertainment that it provides to its users. People are more inclined to watching entertainment related programs like movies, cartoons, sports, and reality shows.

The development in technology has made sure that we get to see whatever is happening in any part of the world. People are spending so much money for cable connection in way of monthly subscription but is it really worth with the services that they provide. I got this question very recently in my mind and found out that Direct TV is the best. The number of channels they provide is more than 265 for a premier entertainment package. They provide flexible entertainment packages and you can inquire with them regarding the details.

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After considering all the available satellite channels, I find the Directv system has somewhat edge over others. On installation, we are getting the following packages movies, sports with crystal clear viewing, the equipments like dish, type of receiver and HD. They offer HD (High definition programming) with astonishing quality.

Illeana in Tamil films ?

Great news for Illeana Fans. She is going to act with Vikram. Vikram’s new film is Irubathi Nalu, which is going to be directed by Vikram Kumar (Yavarum Nalam Director). Illeana gave her consent to act with Vikram in Tamil film.

Earlier, Illena refused to act in Tamil films. She didn’t accept the offer to act with Ajith and Vijay. The latest news is while approached for “Thilalangadi” also, she refused to act with Jayam Ravi. Now Tamana is acting in the film Thilalangadi. Sources said that she receives one crore per film in Tollywood and in tamil it is hard that only some producers will give her.

Cheran’s mother (Anupama Kumar) going to Bollywood ?

Cheran’s Pokkisham is well received by Tami audience. In the film Pokkisham, Cheran’s mother role is done by Anupama Kumar. Everybody who watched the film praised her acting talent. She is a famous person and she is in the field for about fourteen years. She is multi-talented personality viz. Jounalist, Producer, Channel Producer, Anchor, etc. Now she is going to act in Bollywood film.

In Vishal Bharadwaj’s new film Ishqiya, Anupama Kumar is going play an important role with Vidya Balan, Nasrudeen Shah and Arshad Warsi. Let us wish her all success in her new endeavours.

Play New Video Games

Video Games have become most commonly sought among the younger generation. In particular children are almost addict to this playing phenomenon. All the leading producers like play station, the Nintendo Wii have released so many games and do so every year.

Nintendo Wii is comparatively cheaper than the other releases. This system which is providing a remote is really a worth to have the playing moments. One can view youtube and from the beautiful constructed console. We can also be able to get updated version of the new games available through the inbuilt provider. The down loading of the games is also possible by the Nintendo.

Nintendo new version is seen like a notebook look alike. There are two screens vertically where the bottom one is touch screen. To use this configuration there will be no difficulty for those who have tried their hands on console and for more details see here Games Consloe. Sony introduced its recent system game with attractive looking PSP (play station portable) where films are viewed on bigger screen.

The latest Nintendo console is Wii which can be kept straight or across. This is built with rechargeable batteries that will work almost 25 hours. The number system and cordless is having feel like using T.V. Remote. Especially the owners of this video game console can now access with their home system, with surround sound. Needless to say as any one is undecided about what type of video game to invest upon they need not waste time but visit this site
Handheld Gaming Guide.

Superstar Rajinikanth's hobby

Superstar Rajinikanth's hobby is book reading. Superstar Rajinikanth is very busy in new upcoming movie Endhiran. The shooting is going on very well. Everybody eagerly waiting for any news or stills, etc. about this movie.

Everybody knows that Rajinikanth is a spiritual person and he always goes to Himalayas in his free time. During the break in shooting he always prefers to reading books viz. famous persons biographies and philosophy books . Now the latest news is he is very interested in reading the biography of M.R. Radha. Sources said that he is digging in to the book.

Vijay's film to be boycotted ?

The Tamil Association of Canada made a press statement that the immigrant Tamils are going to boycott actor Vijay’s films. The reason behind this is earlier there was a news that Vijay met Rahul Gandhi, one of the Congress Leaders in Delhi and he is going to join his Party.

In the Press Release the Association explained their views that they are not against Vijay who is going to enter Politics but they are against his move of joining Congress. The reason behind this is only because of Congress Government helped Srilankan Government recently in War and displaced Tamils from Srilanka.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Trendy eye glasses for children

The most expressive feature of the face is the eyes. They can give a wonderful effect to your personality and looks if carefully looked after. As a matter of fact, the eyes need more care and attention than thought of by anybody. It is quite unfortunate that very few people know about this fact. As you all know, beautiful eyes create a lasting impression of beauty. Great poets have written about beautiful eyes more than about any other feature of the face. So care should be taken for eyes right from childhood. Sparkling eyes are a sign of health, vigor and freshness. If your children have any problem in the eyes utmost care must be taken and the problem must be dealt by the Eye Doctor. After the consultation of the Doctor, then all you need to find a good place where you can get cheap and best eye glasses. When you are purchasing eye glasses for children the most important thing that needs to be taken in to mind is the glasses should be very strong and not easily breakable and the glass should pretty and it should also a trend setter. This site is the best place for purchasing eyeglasses. Here you can see a wide variety of eyeglasses and all are best in quality and having anti scratch coating with full guarantee.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ilayathalapathy Vijay to enter Politics

Vijay recently on his birthday June 22nd declared open his Vijay Makkal Iyakkam. The actor then arranged for a big conference in Pudukottai. He told the Iyakkam will strive to work for the welfare of the downtrodden. For those people computer education at free of cost is arranged and for some cycles and sewing machines being handed over.

In Puduchery on August 23rd, the actor called for a gathering at Anna Thidal. Asked whether this is a forward step towards to entering in Politics, the actor response is in the affirmative but also said the right time has to come. Puducherry Chief Minister also participated in the function and praised Vijay's efforts and helping hands towards the needy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kamalhassan programme - Vijay T.V.

Hai Kamal Fans, great news for you. From 31st August, 2009, Vijay T.V. is going to sponsor a programme about Kamalhassan. In this programme, you can watch the rare moments in Kamal’s life, his early days at Paramakudi. You can see the house at Paramakudi where Kamal lived.

You can watch the programme on Vijay T.V. from Monday to Thursday night 8 p.m. In this programme they will telecast the interviews had with colleagues and friends of Kamal. If you are a fan of Ulaganayagan Don’t miss it. Watch the programme Kamal Or Thodarum Sarithram.

Certification Training Program

Technology is developing at an unimaginable rate so is the needs of man. People these days expect things to be completed at faster rates, in fact they expect things to be done at a rate which is too high to imagine. This was a problem a century ago which was again solved by the advent of technology. These days we have so many latest equipments which can be used to finish work at a quick pace, but the problem is that the amount of safety is low. Now to be more specific I would give you an example. Construction of buildings and multi-complex involves large equipments like bulldozers, excavators, skid steers, mobile cranes etc. The handling of crane is a very tough job and it involves a lot of expertise.

Associated Training Services (ATS) are the leaders in heavy equipment training. They have crane training schools and they are the best when it comes to training with 40 years of experience. Moreover the instructors here are certified and well trained. This is one of the highest paid jobs and there is a nationwide search for Certified Crane Operators. The best thing about them is they not only provide you hands on training but also they provide nation wide job placements.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sridevi in Tamil film ?

Dhanus next film is “Mappillai”. This is the remake of Rajin’s “Mappillai”. Haniska Motwani is the heroine in the film. The earlier “Mappillai” Amala was the heroine. The story of this film is clash between wealthy mother-in-law and his poor son-in-law. Mother-in-law character is done by Srividya.

Now in this new “Mappillai” is going to be directed by Suraaj. Sources said that the mother-in-law character – Sridevi is going to act. This is a welcome news. Everyone in Tamil Nadu like Sridevi for her acting talents. Let us welcome Sridevi for her come back in Tamil Cine World.

Superstar Rajinikanth - Nadigar Sangam function

Superstar Rajinikanth attended the function organized by Nadigar Sangam on August 23rd. On this function, he handed over the mementoes to actress Anjali Devi and M.N.Rajam. On this final day, a play “Vetri Vetri” was staged b;y Sarathkumar and Rada Ravi.

On this function, Superstar told that in 1979 the inauguration of Nadigar Sangam building, when M.G.R. presided the function, he was not allowed to enter the auditorium by Policemen and after some responsible person’s intervention, he was allowed to enter the hall to watch the play “Asoka Chakaravarthi”. He added that first he started his career as drama artist and studied two years in film institute and Director K.B. taught him acting. He also appreciated the efforts taken by Sivaji , MGR, Vijayakanth, Rada Ravi and Sarath for developing Nadigar Sangam.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Web hosting made easy

Web hosting is a technology that allows individuals and organizations to host their own site. Let me first explain what is web hosting before going into the technical details of web hosting.

Web hosting is defined as space provided by companies on their servers for the use of clients and also they provide internet connection using which we can connect to people all over the World. To make it more simple web hosting companies provides space on their serves which can be used by their clients for storage purpose. When I had an idea of starting a new web site I was searching for a reliable and cost wise effective web hosting service. The time I spent for finding a reliable web hosting service took a lot of time. This does not mean there are very little web hosting companies, the problem is that there are so many web hosting companies who provide limited service. Finally this daunting task came to an end when I found out the best website hosting site. These people provide reliable services and they are cost wise very economical. In this site they provide information about different categories of web hosting . There is a general saying that “the more costly the product is better is its quality”. When it comes to web hosting, I totally boycott this point. Since they provide you the best services at economical rates.

Aadhavan stills / Suriya and Nayanthara stunning pictures

As Aadhavan songs melodious, everybody liked it very much. The sales of Audio C.Ds are going very well. Pa. Vijay's song "Hasili" is very nice. Harini and Karthik voice in this song is excellent. Daily F.M. Radio lovers asks to play this song. Surya's film songs are always superb.

Surya and Nayanthara pair is stunning. All are eagerly waiting for "Aadhavan" release. Let us wish this Surya's picture is going to rock the cine world. All the best to this team.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kandasamy Story

The film Kandasamy is released yesterday (21st August 2009). There is mixed response from the audience. Some say superb movie. Others say usual story i.e. masala entertainment.

The story of Kandasamy is four unemployed youth came to Chennai. On seeing the rich-poor difference he became a super hero. He solves the problems of poor. The news spread that all your problems mainly financial are solved if you tie a petition in a tree in the Murugan temple. So people rush to the temple. Vikram in different get ups came and solve the problems. A police officer (Prabhu) smelling it and start investigation. The anti-element is Pallur Paramjyothi Ponnuswamy (Ashish Vidyarthi)’s daughter is Subalakshmi (Shreya). She is in love with Vikram. Song scene are very well pasteurized. Rest of film you can watch in a theatre.

Colorful Exterior Shutters

When I was thinking for a good shutters to fixing to my house, my friends advised me to visit shutters site. To my astonishment the Atlantic Premium Shutters enthralled by its different colors. These shutters are of stainless steel with wood like look and won’t subject to break. They offer up to 15% discount and it is a worthy life time investment.

Selvaraghavan next film ?

Actress Andrea and Dhanush are going to act for Director Selvaraghavan's next movie "Idhu Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam". The proposal to start the picture is next week. In the mean time the direct is parting with his wife Sonia. In the year 2006 itself this movie was planned with actor Karthi and Sandhya. But for some reasons stopped as Karthi engaged in Aayirathil Oruvan with the same director. Now every thing sorted out and ready for the film "Idhu Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam".

The cinematography will be taken care by Ramji who is also already doing Aayirathil Oruvan and Yuvan may do the music. The story is about younger generation was already with Selva and he wanted to complete the film very quickly and most probably hit the screen in early next year. Best Luck to the team.

Shruthi Hassan new film ?

Kamal and Sarika’s daughter Shruthi Hasan is a multi talent girl. Born in January 1986, she sang the first song in Ilayaraja’s music for Devar Magan his father’s film(Kamal). She finished her schooling in Lady Andal, Chennai moved to Bombay for her further studies. She started her career as model became a singer now actress. Her first film as heroine is Bollywood is “Luck”. She acted in a small role in the film “Hey Ram” (in Tamil and Hindi) directed by Kamalhassan.

Sources said that she is going to act in Tamil films. Sources said that the hero is Karthi. Some said that Simbu is the hero. Let us wait and see.

Modern Home Alarm

In today’s life, one has to take safety precautions for everything to lead a happy living. Now a days in a family, every one is busy with his/her work and in many instances both men and women are working to cater the needs of their life and enable them in providing good education to their children.

When all are away from the house one should not forget to take care of home security that covers the valuable things like jewels, cash, and costly electronic items. Exclusively for this purpose one is inclined to visit home alarm expert who by and large are the best in the business. Even I and my family members got instigated by the variety of protections that ADT is managing with high technology levels but friendly use of the system. People may go to bed in the night but this system is always cautious of our home safety round the clock and throughout the year. Suppose all the inmates may be away from home, no need to worry about their belongings. Suppose Burglars are trying their hands the alarm system instantaneously receives the code and the team after ensuring the signal that is not from the family members and rightly inform the police. This is one of their best available systems. When contacted over phone, they will provide you the best package that suits your home and also at affordable prices.

Aadhavan audio release - songs review

On August 19, Aadhavan audio release function went on well. All the six songs in the film are lovely. Music Director Harris Jayaraj is the happy person. The movie is produced by Udayanidhi Stalin in the Banner Red Giant Movies. The song “Hasili Fisiliya”—sung by Karthik and Harini is superb. The song is written by Pa.Vijya. This is love duet (Surya and Nayanthara) taken at South Africa. The raga for this song is Karaharapriya. Sa ni sa notes coming in between song is very nice. The “Yeno Yeno” sung by Shail Hada, Sudha Raghunadhan and Andrea is similar to “Hasili Fisiliya”. The song shooting taken place at Iceland.

The Song “Vaarayo” – sung by Unnikrishnan, Chinmayee, Mega is nice. Lyrics written by Kabilan. This is also a love duet. Unni Krishnan’s melodious touch to the song is superb. The guitars, sax and piano sounds good.

Kandasamy releasing in U.S.A. Theatres

The much expected film “Kandasamy” released in U.S.A. on 21st August. You can watch the movie in the nearest theatre. From the above picture you can find the show timings which suits you very well.

The story of film is simply Robinhood (i.e) rob the money from rich and help the poor. This is purely a masala film full of entertainment. Song scenes are superb. Shriya is gorgeous in the film. Vikram’s hard work gives him a very good name in the film. Prabhu acted as Police Officer has done his part very well. Vadivelu’s comedy is superb.

Trendy children bed

Hi friends it is preferable to get your baby used to the idea that he always goes to bed for sleep right after a meal. It is good, too, for him to get used to falling asleep in his own bed, without company, at least by the time any 3-month colic is over. For this you need a good bed. If you visit this site which is about childrens beds you will find many varieties of beds to suit everybody’s needs. They have Wooden beds, Leather beds, Metal beds, Divan beds, etc. If you order for the value of £499 they will deliver the product free of charge otherwise they will charge £19.99 as delivery charge and you will get your product within 24 hours. Here you can choose the colour and size of the bed and mattress also. For selected models they gave you 45% off. You can check the prices and compare them. I have visited this site and decided to buy Hyder Cabin Bunk Bed. The bed has four sides covered so the baby can sleep safely and the innovative thing in this bed is roll out desk where you can store the toys and dresses of the baby. This is the reason I like this bed and I am planning to order it very soon. Now it is up to you to select the bed you want.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cheran's Pokisam stills and story

Director cum Actor Cheran's Pokisam is running successfully in theaters. Pokisam's story is love between persons through letters. As the film story is pertaining to the year 1970's in the cities of Calcutta, Madras and Nagore, the Art Director Vairabalan has taken so much pain in creating these cities to look like much that of 1970s. As far as Calcutta is concerned the Art Director virtually take the audience to those olden city of Calcutta with hand rickshaws, Drams etc. In Madras also the currency notes red colored buses that ran those years.

Sabesh, Murali the Music Directors for this movie are celebrating Silver Jubilee. On the music side, they have done a wonderful job, capturing the applause of every one. The main characters are Cheran and Padmapriya. Vijayakumar and Illavarasu are also in the cast. The dialogue delivery has been so touching. Rajesh Yadav's photography is superb.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kanthaswamy releasing August 21 - List of Theatres where Kandasamy is releasing

Chiyan Vikram’s Kanthaswamy is going to hit the theatres on 21st August, 2009 all over the World. The film got ‘U’ certificate. So friends we can go to the theatre with our family to enjoy the Super Hero’s action.

In Chennai you can see the movie in the following theaters.
Sathyam, Santham, Santhi, Sai Santhi, Albert, Baby Albert, Melody, Abirami, Bala Abirami, Swarnasakthi Abirami, Inox 1, Inox 2, Sangam, Udhayam, Suriyan, Kamala, Idream, Maharani, Kasi, Mayajaal. Watch the movie with your family and enjoy.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Selvaraghavan and Sonia Divorce

Selvaraghavan and Sonia decided to apply for separation from each other. The feeling that attributed to this cause is the inconsistency of understanding between them. Both have tried to demolish the differences but all futile. The Director declared that both of them have their own thoughts and ideas which dislike each others interference. For some time now both are living at different house, the actress at her brother's place at T.Nagar and the Selvaraghavan at his bungalow in Alwarpet.

Director Selvaraghavan introduced her and made her debut in his film "Kadhal Kondein" and ultimately fell in love. They married in the year 2006 in December.

Some how the time has come for them to part with each and both of them are awaiting for the unpleasant judgment which an on looker might not wish to happen to anybody.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dhanush's new film Maapillai

Hansika Motwani a Mumbai girl is doing "Maapillai" remake pairing with actor Dhanush. She is so young completing 18 years of age this August. She got her offers in South may be due to the photo session along with Shah Rukh Khan for a very renowned car manufacturing company. She viewed two Dhanush's films and without following the language she is able to entertain herself. The shooting likely to commence in October and as she yet to sign the contract she will not be free to talk about the Project.

Hansika Motwani is of the view when a story expects a heroine to wear appealingly she will oblige. She is arranging for a get together with her friends on her 18th Birthday and planning to get a licence to driving her own car. She is very much exited about the shooting of the film because she is going to act with a fast upcoming star, Dhanush.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Film Paiya's Story

Director Linguamy is in full of positive thoughts for his forthcoming film "Paiyya". This film according to the Director is very personal. He mentioned personal because "Bheema" didn't do well and so with complete mind set he took to the challenge. And about th lead pair Karthi and Tamana have been very punctual and always energetic. Like all his previous movies, this Paiya also fulfilling the tastes of audiences whether song sequences, comedy and action.

The shooting will be getting over very shortly and everything is in fantastic frame. The one line story of Paiya is about a youthful male and female who travel by a car from Bangalore to Mumbai. In between lot of enjoyable happenings during the travel form the remaining script.

New Stills Paiyya

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kanthasamy releasing on August 15

The most stylish film “Kanthaswamy” will be released on August 15th. Vikram is the first person who watched the movie during dubbing hugged the Director and exclaimed that Super Padam like Hollywood. Gorgeous Shriya is waiting for the film’s result.

Sources said that there is a lot of fun and entertainment in the movie and there is a message also in the film. Vikram said that the stunt scenes in the film are very superbly shot. Vikram praised the Director Susi Ganesan and the Music Director Devi Sri Prasad. Finally Vikram said that the film Kanthaswamy is going to rock the World. Let us wait and see.