Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thanga Meengal – Film Review

Thanga Meengal – Film is a nice movie to watch. The story of a common man and his daughter and narrated  well in the film. The father of the child Kalyanasundaram, who lives his every breath for his daughter Chellamma (Sadhana). He will not be smart enough in earning the Money and every time he will humiliated by his father. Due to this, they  face a lot of financial problems, and Kalyanasundaram still manages to pull the cart. Even in this situation, his love, caring and sentiment towards his daughter will never be down. In the story the family comes across the situation, where it will be very difficult for them to earn money. This make Kalyanasundaram to flee to Kochin. For rest of the story you can go to theatre and watch the film Thanga Meengal. All are acted well in the film.

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