Friday, August 15, 2014

Soorya Film Anjaan Releases/ Anjaan Review

The Hero Soorya in Anjaan proves that he is always fast and furious and has rightly done
 Justice to expectations of the audience in the above action filled movie. The director Lingusamy is in charge of the story which is based on present to memories.

Like Baasha Bhai and Vishwa the viewer gets ready for Raju Bhai who dazzles in fight scenes and song sequence. The stunt portions are handled by stunt master Siva needs to be
be mentioned for making the fights so thrilling. The movie comedy portions are at timess slow and nagging .The heroin Samantha is as always dances for duet songs with hero and
nothing much to do.

Krihna who goes out searchinf for his brother who has been since then missing the director spends so much time for the narration but maintaining the tempo in this revege

The Raju and Chandru portions can be handled in abetter way as the Sooriya  and especially fans expect more from Sandakozhi director.

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