Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nayan's new film Review Nanbenda

Udhayanidhi Teams Up With Nayan
The new Udhayanidhi film Nanbenda which includes artists Nayantara and Santhanam is directed by Jagadish is only witty and less serious and can be better handled by the debutant(assist to director Rajesh
The Hero Udhyanidhi escapes from the jail so as to take revenge for his present scenario and his heading to Trichi to find the bigwig.There he met a girl Ramya and he suddenly thinks of his astrologer suggestion that if he happens to meet a girl on the same day thrice she must be his life partner and the rest is well assured for the cine goers.
Santhanam then and there sparks and the joy for the audience the costumes and colour of Nayantare occupying the screen so excellently.There isalso some mystery around the heroine adds some weight to the plot.
The songs are good handled by Harris Jayaraj and the dance so nonchalan

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