Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Kamal new film Uttama villain is another crown for this genius actor where he is seen in his self and another milestone of his carrier.It is a story of an actor who works for his father in law banner after his marriage with Urvasi. Veteran actor K.Viswanath handles the role of Kamal's father in law and he wants to control Kamal and always a check on him.In the mean time a man called Jacob met the Hero and told Kamal that his collage love  Yamini is no more leaving behind his daughter Indhira.  

There comes the twist from the doctor saying that the Hero is suffering from brain tumor.Then he decides to meet his mentor director Magadarasi(K.Balachandar).and requesting him to do a film with him again.Then comes the Iranian story and we witness some hilarious acting by Nazer.

The scene involving Hero and son and the emotion can not be explained when the son comes to know of his dad's condition of brain tumor.We can visualize the brilliance of Kamal.

Rest of the story to be watched in Theaters.

A must watch for many and particularly upcoming stars in theaters. 

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